Conquer Corpus

On Friday, February 20th, the five of us packed our car and hit the road before the crack of dawn. With a car full of camping gear, cameras, skateboards and 5 creative explorers we knew we would find adventure. But we figured it wouldn't hurt to head to the beach in Corpus Christi, TX.

We setup camp our first night right on the beach. There was only about 10 yards separating us from the ocean. Thankfully, the 40+ mph winds were no match for our tent staking skills. The sand brought it's A game, However. 

After waking up on the beach and getting a nice fire going, we set out to find as many cool places as we could. The beach, local eateries, met new friends (thanks Instagram) and hit the local skatepark. 

All and all, it was a wonderful trip, even with a gnarly snow storm trying to keep us from arriving home safely. 

Blog written by Michael Watson. Creative work provided collectively by Daniel Loveland, Andrew Edwards, Kailey Watson and Joe Bulger.