CNQR Product Feature: Pathfinder Shorts

Our Pathfinder shorts have been a largely anticipated item with everyone here at the brand. It took months of work and years of dreaming for these to come to life, but we believe that the waiting more than paid off. These shorts are a great addition to any trip whether that be urban or outdoor. These have been worn by our crew for day to day comfort and have been our "go to" travel shorts. 

Product Specs:

100% cotton construction, elastic waste band and drawstring. 
Shorts feature two full front pockets and two full back pockets.
Back pockets feature semi-mesh construction for more breathability and comfort. Shorts are extremely quick-drying, so they are a great item for a quick dip in the lake. Shorts feature hem tag embellishments on the leg and back pocket, and a tagless branding label.


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Photography by Kailey Watson & Daniel Loveland