CNQR California

We recently had the opportunity to pack our bags and hit the road with some great friends to explore the great state of California.

Our journeys took us through  the rocky desert of Joshua Tree National Park, Sequoia National Park where the biggest tree in the world stands, the ever-amazing Yosemite National Park, the iconic Highway 1, across the Golden Gate Bridge of San Fransisco and so much more. 

We had the pleasure of crossing paths with some really rad people too, like a local motel owner who loves flip tricks, a couple talented tattoo artists that left their mark on our trip, and a few people with sweet vacation shirts and a passion for making the best darn Tiki drinks out there.

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Jeff - @9jeff1jones8

Chloe - @skinnydinolegs

Kailey - @kaileyconquers

Michael - @michaelconquers


Photography by Kailey Watson, blog written by Michael Watson