Photo by Andrew Edwards

Photo by Andrew Edwards

Our Story

Our owner Michael Watson founded Conquering Cloth in 2010, with a passion to create positive clothing that would inspire the creative mind and encourage others to pursue their passion to no end. With no sort of business loans or savings to start his brand, Michael started hand painting custom t-shirts and other garments with his unique designs and the help of his close friends. After a few short months of spending 30+ minutes per shirt, Michael finally earned enough to place an order of screen printed shirts. 


Now, all of our garments are printed by our team here in Tulsa, Oklahoma to ensure quality and comfort. We strive to work with as many USA manufacturers as possible to encourage more opportunities for employment here in the United States. A lot of our projects such as our leather goods, Summit Kits, stickers and more are made right here in Oklahoma. We strive to create high quality handcrafted goods that stand the test of time. 

Brand Vision

As an independent brand, we don't strive to be the next big thing. We don't aim to be in every retail store out there. We simply aim to create something that we love, that is high quality, and is truly unique to our brand. We hope to inspire others to follow their passion just like we are doing with ours. We hope that our future is full of traveling, exploring new places, meeting new friends and growing our brands community so that we can all support and inspire one another to do something great and leave a positive legacy for the next generation.  


We are a brand of creators, dreamers and pioneers. Join our journey.